Growatt MiD 33KTL TL3-X

Growatt MiD 33KTL  TL3-X


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The Growatt MID 33KTL3-X is a high-quality inverter that allows you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your photovoltaic system. It has a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. As a result, maximum energy yield is achieved with your solar panel system. The inverter has a 40% lighter design and extremely compact dimensions. This makes it easy and convenient to transport, and its installation can be done even by just one person. The Growatt MID 33KTL3-X has a touch button and an OLED display that make its configuration and management even easier. It also features type 2 overvoltage protection (AC and DC side), monitoring of its own consumption and optional AFCI function.

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