Growatt Single-phase mobile photovoltaic system 5KW

Growatt Single-phase mobile photovoltaic system 5KW

Growatt Single-phase mobile photovoltaic system 5KW


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Portable Photovoltaic System with 5KW Battery GROWATT on Trailer: Your Source of Clean Energy on the Move

The mobile photovoltaic system on a trailer is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for generating electricity while on the move. It is designed to be easily portable and installation is quick and convenient, offering independence from traditional power generation sources.

Key Features:
1. Mobility: The PV system is mounted on a trailer that can be attached to a car, truck, caravan or other vehicle. This allows you to use clean energy wherever you need it.

2. Collapsible Design: The system features collapsible photovoltaic panels, making it compact and convenient to carry and store. When not in use, it can be easily folded and closed, ensuring minimal space occupation.

3. High Efficiency: Photovoltaic panels are designed to convert sunlight into electrical energy with high efficiency, providing a constant and stable power source even in different weather conditions.

4. Easy to Install: Installation of the trailer system is quick and easy, requiring no special tools or technical skills. Once attached to the vehicle, the system is ready for use.

5. Wide Applications: The mobile PV system on a trailer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including camping, remote sites, expeditions, construction sites and more.

Clean energy at your fingertips, even when you're away from home.
Reducing dependence on traditional electricity generating sources.
An ideal choice for people who value mobility and environmental responsibility.
The photovoltaic system on a trailer is not only a way to generate electricity, but also a demonstration of the commitment to environmental protection and the use of sustainable technologies in our daily lives.

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